Cars are moving, team in growing phase

Oletusylläpitäjä, 24.5.2016

This spring has been a real strength test for our TGS Worldwide team. Week ago we had two cars running in Latvia and one in Germany. It means whole lot of men and spare parts as our Skodas are well in pace all over the Europe.

Dmitry who has been driving with our Skodas for a long time was actually in good pace in Germany. On some stages he scored six or seventh best stage times in German national series. He even was faster sometimes than Thierry Neuville´s brother Yannick.

In Latvia Kalle Rovanperä drove the S2000 as usual and Raimond Kisiels had the new R5. They are driving quite equal speed.In the end Kalle was 2nd and Raimonds 3rd. Kalle even fight for victory but unfortunately close to end of rally he got some transmission problem.

At the moment we cannot run more cars than three at one time. We have fourth car as well and it is waiting a new engine to arrive this week.Actually that car is for sale! And it's waiting new home... ;)

I lost couple of men to Tommi Mäkinen Racing and Toyota but we still had 14 mechanics working for us when all three cars were rallying.

Spare parts we have enough. Of course we spend them quite a lot as many parts are changed just for caution. We split all the parts and tools already before Rally Mexico so it is an easier situation for us now. All cars will go to engine service soon which means that we take good care
of them.

I have rented one garage from one of my mechanics close to Skoda Motorsport in Czech Republic. Most of my employees are from there. The team consists nowadays of Finnish, Czechs and Estonians. Funny but Finnish people start to be the minority at TGS.

In the future my aim is to operate partly from Tallinn, Estonia. That would mean that we take care of the rallies in Baltic region from that base and all Central European events from Czech Republic.

Teemu Suninen drove an one test with our car. He did a bit over 100 kms on a very fast and nice test road with quite many brows. Driving wise Teemu drove exceptionally well. Since February he has improved a lot. I am confident that he will fight for the wins in WRC2. The speed is there.

Already before Rally Argentina Jari-Matti was on good mood and relaxed. I said before the rally to his mechanics that now comes the victory. I was able to see it but then it happened what happened. It was something that Volkswagen has experienced already some times before. Suspension should not collapse like that after one impact like that. It needs that the metal will weaken slowly after collecting many hits.

In Portugal we can expect something similar. I would estimate that Jari-Matti will easily fight for the win having driven so well last year. Even the start position is good this time, so everything looks good.

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Olen toisen sukupolven ralliautoilija. Vuonna 1975 synnyin moottoriurheiluperheeseen ja kasvoin pihapiirissä, joka oli ympäröity kilpa-ajoneuvoilla. Isäni autourheiluharrastus alkoi vuonna 1970 ja sen myötä vauhti on tullut ikään kuin perintönä.

Ammattilaisuran jälkeen Toni toimii mm. ajokouluttajana ja mentoroi uusia rallilupauksia sekä toimii Jari-Matti Latvalan etuautokuljettajana.

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