After positive experience on Italian Baja where Toni Gardemeister drove Mitsubishi Pajero, prepared by Latvian racing team "RE‐Autoclub", both sides decided to continue their collaboration. Next week Toni Gardemeister and "RE‐Autoclub" will go to Russian city Astrakhan and take part in second event of Russian rally‐raid Championship ‐ "Gold of Kagan". 

"I don't know what to expect there. I have been in Russia before, last year I took part in Moscow rally Show, but off‐road experience in Astrakhan will be completely different thing, I suppose. It should be real off‐road in the desert. We will put all our efforts and try to reach the finish, hope we can find the right way among sand dunes. " ‐ tell flying Finn Toni Gardemeister.

Rally‐raid "Gold of Kagan" will take place in Astrakhan region on 19 – 22‐th of April 2012. The total distance is 1100 km, where 960 km are Special Stages. It's one of the most difficult events in Russian rally‐raid Champinship.

"Rally‐raids are the new type of competition for me. And I'm learning it step by step. Italian Baja was my first off‐road event. Till the last day we kept 3‐rd place overall, but finished the rally on the 5‐th place only due the problem with the engine on the last stage. On my second event I'll try to get maximum experience, as very possible that we'll take part in "Silk Way rally. We'll see it soon." – shared his thoughts Toni.


I'm second generation rallydriver born with motorsports in my blood in 1975. My yard was full of racing cars as my dad began driving rally in 1970, so I breathed rally all the time.

After professional career I have teached and mentored new talents and as a Jari-Matti Latvala´s first car.


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